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Lance Armstrong to return to pro peloton to sharpen his fitness for Ironman

April 3, 2012


By VelonNews and Mary Pranskter Call it Comeback 4.0. VeloNews has learned that Lance Armstrong will make a return to the pro peloton later this season in a bid to sharpen his form ahead of the Ironman world championships in October. Sources have confirmed to VeloNews that the seven-time Tour de France champion will race the three-week Vuelta […]

I Went to the Store and I Bought…

December 18, 2011


“I went to the store and I bought an apple.”  Have you played this memory game?  Maybe it’s an old game to most of you, but to the swimmers that travelled to Gainesville in our team truck on December 1, they had never heard of it.  I couldn’t believe it, so I taught it quickly to […]

My Reasons for Winter Training

December 14, 2011


Winter Training. Different coaches may have their own reasons, but mine is quite simple and easy to understand. After a decent fall season with the age groupers, a week or so break, I normally like to jump back on it. This time, the timing was right-mid December. So we got back on the training, at […]

It Was All Foggy!

December 12, 2011


It was all foggy, a haze, a steam cloud billowing from the 50 meter watery race track in Indy… I was barely there physically but my mind was there very intensely and focused on the other end of the lane. The deadly silence was creating a eerie feeling in my mind, but I knew there […]

After this FAST Weekend at Junior Nationals!

December 11, 2011


After this fast weekend at Junior Nationals our younger swimmmers realized several things: Yes it was a fast meet, yes they were older, yes the great coaches were there. But in addition to these, one very important event happened that needed to take place with all these younger athletes. They got to see how close they are to […]

2 Things to Think about Swimming This Fall

September 27, 2011


This is a repost from 2009 because I feel this is a must!  I am seeing a bunch of athletes falling apart during practice, and these two points are huge.  Please read them and continue to think about them…all the time #1—While daily consistency is one key to swimming success, so is performing your strokes […]

You Need to Cross Train

September 22, 2011


I believe this: If you are an age grouper, you need to cross train. Why? Well, swimming is the most difficult sport-if you are training properly and putting your heart and soul in it, then you may need a mental break with a physical twist to it. Or at least that’s what we do, especially […]