Are You in the Louvre? My Butterfly Drawing

Posted on September 26, 2011


So I was sitting at the Highlander Swim Meet this weekend in Orlando, Florida (hotter than almost anything I’ve felt in a while) and saw one of the age group Blue Dolfin swimmers doing butterfly a little oddly. What do you think it was?  It is a common problem with kids and may last until they are seniors if it isn’t quickly fixed!  So what did I do?

Instead of being my normal “broken record” self, I drew an outstanding, but simplistic picture. No one knows I have something in the Louvre, uh yes, in France.  So it’s a tic-tac-toe game on the bathroom wall, so what!?  I was trying to get a point across to the swimmer with a visual…mentioning over and over again wasn’t working, so I grabbed the pen.

The hands coming together on the butterfly recovery up front was bugging me like a nat buzzing your ear or face!  Killing me!  I started the drawing with the perfect idea of a head. She called it a circle! Then I drew the pencil neck and rigid shoulders. She called them lines. I then drew the lanky body and she said I have no idea???  Geez, where are all the conceptual people out there?  The “Picassos” of today?

So there I went, drawing the arm recovery triangle, showing her the way she was doing it wrong. THEN I showed her the shoulder widths, drew lines, and drew smaller circles “outside the lines” (sounds like ESPN)…”guess what that was for,” I said. “YOUR HANDS!” She whispered, “oh!”

Why?  Power baby!  Massive power and efficient production right away.  For example:  How do you get out of a pool?  How do you jump up on a wall?  How do you do the most powerful pullup?  Hmmm, let me think, oh, the same way!  Get it?

I’ll just charge you a quarter for that one. No checks, cash only.

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