Thinking of You, Andy O’Grady

Posted on September 10, 2011


Andy O’Grady was a good friend of mine. We met when I swam for Paramus Red Wave in New Jersey during my senior year in high school. He was the first person on the team that introduced himself and took me in with the main training group. He was a great guy with an awesome “happy go lucky” personality.

The Paramus Red Wave practices were extremely difficult but he made them go by quickly with his jokes and one liners. (We only had time for one liners!) Although we went on our separate ways in college, we kept in touch whenever we’d see each other at the large meets around the country.

Andy lost his life ten years ago, on the 104th floor of the south tower.

Thinking of you Andy O’Grady – I know you are keeping the ones we lost in comfort.