Ryan Lochte – Finally, “All-In”

Posted on July 28, 2011


So maybe you’ve seen the dismantling.  I have and I’ve heard about it too!

Being tired of losing will do that.  Tired of second or third.  Sick of it.  Living with his talent wasn’t enough.  Living with his incredible skills and gift in the water wasn’t enough.  So he had to fix something.  He was over it. A competitor that met the roadblock and kicked it aside to fix his issues.

What were they?

1.  Eating! Being an avid fast food and especially McDonald’s abuser wasn’t doing the deal. The hamburglar yes, together with swimming, NO!  He wasn’t getting the power and energy needed to control the world and own any event he trained for.  Now he does—All-In!

From an article by Jason Devaney (Universal Sports) “Riddled with knee and groin injuries this year, Lochte decided to change up his habits. Gone are the days of constant McDonald’s runs; he’s eating better now. The Floridian also hits the weight room more and said he feels as strong as ever.”

2.  More than weights!  Yes, yes, working hard in the weight room with all the other swimmers is one thing, and even working harder than them is great, but doing more than the general population with innovative techniques and strength building is way over the top.  What else does that type of training help?  It strengthens the mind, the mental depth to succeed beyond the regular SwimmerJoe.  I am a huge believer in this.  Everybody I’ve coached with knows what I am talking about.  Check this about Ryan Lochte–what a change, what a stud—All-In!

3.  Sharpened focus!  Ryan was tired of getting second and third.  I don’t blame him, I can’t stand it either.  Tired of working hard but not having the “total package” to get the job done.  So he focused on ALL the elements his body and mind needed to get the job done of being the world’s number 1 swimmer.  AND it worked, plain and simple.

Good for Ryan.  It’s great to see him put everything together.  Swimmers, triathletes and weekend athletes like myself: Words to you!  Go “All-In” for a training season, in the pool, at the food table, and in the weightroom. Secondly, train with an uninterrupted razor focused mission, move all energy, mentally and physically to your goal. 

So what happened?  Check it out the result of Lochte’s training-it happened twice this week at World Championships! 



Next time, I will see you at your best! 

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