Florida Age Group Championships – Day 1 Recap

Posted on July 15, 2011


Quickly back at it in the swimming world with the Florida Age Group Championships (FLAGs) at the I-Drive Center in Orlando. 

Day 1 brought us an outstanding start of the long weekend with incredible swims and several Olympic Trial Cuts!  The Day also brought us the first time Florida Swimming, in my knowledge, has used the “Chase” starts that Texas and some states us for their meets.  This is where they start from both ends of the pool and “chase” each other to the finish.  Worked very well! 

Another great edition was Florida Swim Network filming both sessions LIVE and also providing replays on their site.  Their great commentators and chat folks are great for parents and relatives that can’t attend the meet.  Cool stuff! 

The facility has also been upgraded with a 1.3 Million Dollar renovation with more to come.  Steve Corrie and the folks their have done an outstanding job, brining this place back to the days of it’s glory!  (Justus Aquatic Center)  Those were the days!

As for the competition itself, wow, absolutely something special!  The 800 Freestyles were the Brent, Hirschberger, Mann, Finke and Woodrow show.  I mean really! Out of those 5 swimmers, 1 State Record fell (Matt Hirschberger 8:48.59), 2 Olympic Trial Cuts (Rebecca Mann 8:41 and Ariel Finke 8:42) and 4 FLAG Championships!  What a way to open a meet! Other winners were Skyler Covert MACG, William Tabor BSS, 100 Breast, Sydney Pickrem CAT (Olympic Trials), Austin Sellers TBAY, 200 Breast, Sherridon Dressel BSS, Hirschberger CAT, 100 Free, Michelle Turek CAT, Caleb Dressel BSS, 100 Free, Pickrem again CAT, Jackson Defore T2,  100 Free and Djan Madruga in the 200 Back.

So unbelieveable right?  I can’t wait until tonight! Check back later for results and tune in to http://FloridaSwimNetwork.com to watch and chat!