Who Is This Mark Anyway?

Posted on June 18, 2011


I don’t think it is fair.  Starters in track, swimming, physical education classes, any and everything that deals with starting, say “Take your Mark,” and then you hear a starter’s gun, beep or whatever.  Why does Mark get to have his name in there?  And why has he lasted so long? I mean really!  What is wrong with Joe? 

I mean, how about, “This is the men’s 200 Meter Freestyle, Swimmers, Take Your Fred.”

Don’t you think that would keep things fresh?  Who in the heck is this Mark guy anyway?  Did he go through a lengthy qualification process for the whole world to use it?  They even say that phrase in different languages.  Darn it, where did the other names go wrong?  Who decided?  Was it a board, college co-eds, one person?  Who in the heck is responsible?  It’s just not fair!

What about the women? I think “Take your Sally” would be quite catchy.  What about Take your Beatrice or Agnes?  I am sure some people would enjoy those for sure.

Why didn’t they (I still have no idea who “they” are, my grandmother always used to say “they” – very confusing as a young adult) …Anyway, why didn’t they just say “Grab your blocks,” in swimming or at the track “Lift your hips and get ready to sprint.”  Okay, even I admit that last one is a bit long.

 Well, let me know… those who are not named Mark in the world…Are you guys with me or what?