Posted on May 15, 2011


Too tired to really blog right now, but as I sit here reflecting on the day, I can say “I did it.” I set my goals, worked hard for them over several months, and then finally achieved them today with completing the Rhoto Half Ironman at Disney.

I swam 1.2 miles, biked 56 miles, and then ran 13.1 miles. Whew! And I did it in the time I set for myself (under 5 hours – I went 4:55.25) and so it was a satisfying day. Were there points when I felt like stopping? Sure. (When my back was killing halfway through the bike.) But, I kept up the self-talk and made it through.

But I must say the absolute best feeling of the day came when one of my swim team parents said, “It’s nice to see a coach practice what he preaches.”


Here’s a video my wife did for me: