Mother’s Day

Posted on May 8, 2011


Mother’s Day is always great and they deserve everything they get and more!

Mothers wake you up in the morning
Mothers feed you breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Mothers help you with homework
Mothers do your laundry
Mothers want you to clean your room, but they end up doing it for you
Mothers worry about you all the time
Mothers live on your every word
Mothers are kind and look for playmates for you
Mothers talk to other mothers while you play
Mothers exercise when they have a break
Mothers help others before themselves
Mothers speak the truth and will not lie to you (most of the time)
Mothers try to be funny and hip
Mothers wear mom jeans
Moms choose Jif
Moms listen to your dad (sometimes)
Moms can multitask
Moms sleep lightly to listen for you
Moms are the glue
Moms love to talk
Moms will hunt your teachers down!
Moms are always called first when you are bad
Moms cheer the loudest at swim meets
Moms will text you and tell you something she told you already
Moms always tell you not to breath your last lap…really?
Moms seem to know how to swim faster than you…hehe
Moms take a million pictures
Moms are cool!

Always love your mother, tell her that everyday.

And in honor of mothers everywhere, here’s a little video I created just for you:

Have a great day! (Now on to fathers!)

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