Thank You Poem

Posted on May 5, 2011


by 14 year old swimmer, Silvio Martinez

Coach Joe,

You are my first loyal swim coach

Not deserting our team

As all the others had done before you

Staying true to us Blue Dolfins

Being faithful, honest, and trustworthy

So different from all the others

Who were selfish, blind, and uncaring

Thank you for being so dependable

Your jolly mood has spread out among the team

And brought our team closer together

With fun and games

Gathering us for bowling and some pizza

Or a great movie with some popcorn

Allowing us to race each other

Facing off in relays and having an awesome time

Convincing us that we’re not just a team

But a family of Blue Dolfins

Thank you, for being so fun and loving

And making us realize how much we care for each other

Most of all, thank you for being you, Coach Joe

You have changed my life as a swimmer

Made me faster in the water, like a bullet

Getting better and better everyday

But also making me appreciate the pool

Reminding me why I do this

Because swimming is what I love

Increasing both my speed in the sport

And my love for it

Thank you for everything,

Your swimmer,