Blueprint for Success After Meets!

Posted on May 2, 2011


Blueprint for swimming success? Who knows, but this is what I do! Sometimes after a very long weekend, you need to swim long and easy, but still keep your eye on the goal.  You need to keep training while taking a little of the edge off. That’s what we did today.  The age-groupers had a very long meet in Orlando (on by the way), and they needed to get in today, just not too intense or difficult. What we did was some long swimming, enough for a group of 10-14 years old pretty good athletes.

800 Free change every 100
600 Kick choice
400 IM drill under water last length of every stroke
200 Breast 3 kicks and a pull, getting out at every end
100 Back 8 Kicks off, right arm down, left arm back

Snorkel, Paddles, Pull Buoy
2 x 150  (set interval at 10 seconds rest)
300  (set at 15 seconds rest)
do both 3 x through

8 x 50 15 meter kickouts under water, then sprint to walls–NO BREATH entire 50 (set at 40 seconds rest)
300 Butterfly kick on back

12 x 25 Fly 1 breathers, 10 dips one end, 10 nose pushups other end

Have fun and enjoy. You know I will always throw a little dryland in there. Keeps your muscles thinking!! Let me know how you did on this one.

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