People! There Are People Left!

Posted on May 1, 2011


I freakin’ lost my iphone on a long ride Sunday!

Between a “check in” on Foursquare at the Markham Road trailhead and the next 10 miles, I lost it.  Well, great! I figured that was the most expensive ride I’ve ever been on! Not only for the price of the iphone itself, but all the junk I had on it.  So I went back and forth over the 10 miles, s-l-o-w-l-y.  Do you know how hard it is to focus while riding at dusk?

After a long weekend?

20 miles from the house?


So I decided it was gone and got back to the hammering of the pedals wondering what in the heck I was going to do when I got back home. Well, nothing!  Haha. What can I do?  I guess I could get in the car, drive back and forth trying to call it in the pitch black night? Maybe it even landed face up to see the light! In the tall grass? Bawhahahaha!

So I finally get home after a decent ride, wondering how I was going to break the news to my wife that I had to buy a new iPhone, and my wife comes to the door and says, “I have your phone.”

I was like, what?

As it turns out, a mom and a daughter found my phone at the water stop. They text my wife and arranged to drop it off at the Panera Bread on the trail.  Crazy!

"Hi my name is Amy. My daughter and I found this phone on a water fountain 
on the Markham Woods bike trail. We would like to return it to the person 
that lost it. Any suggestions?"

"I am the owner's wife... He must have dropped it biking! Thank you so much! 
Perhaps you could leave it at the Panera Bread?"

So, my wife headed to the Panera, got the phone and headed home.  All while I was still cycling thinking my phone was gone for good!

So, what does this prove?  It is confirmation there are people left in this world.  There are people that take the extra step to help others out, expecting nothing in return. Priceless!  And tis leads to my goal for the week… figuring out a way to pay it forward!

So all ends well after a long weekend, and this is one good note to start the week!

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