Now That Springtime is Here

Posted on April 17, 2011


Get out of the comfort of your own favorite swimming hole (your regular pool, that is) and get out in the natural water…you know springs, ocean, lake, river, etc. These types of scenery changes and different surroundings often spur new vigor for your upcoming summer training.  And you know what? Visit them often! (Don’t let those “No Swimming” signs bother you…haha!)

After the first ever Swim Orlando Open Water Competition today in the Orlando area, I can’t tell you how many young athletes and parents enjoyed getting out there in the open water and trying something different.

Some of my age-group swimmers were hurting (lack of warm up and getting right into race speed didn’t help), but many of them said it was a great time and that we needed to do things like that more.  So if you guys are in a lull in training or you are trying to get back into shape and you are tired of the same old gym here, weight here, situp there, try something different! Swim open water and get energized again.  Socially it’s an outstanding way to meet new swimmers as well, get new ideas, and see different venues.

So far our team has been to Rock Springs a few times (highly recommend):

Lake Baldwin in Orlando, as well as Lucky’s Lake Swim (

I am currently looking for some ocean stuff now!
Where in world have you guys been?  Please let us know in the comments!  I am sure readers would like to see!

Have you tried any of these?–> World’s 100 Top Open Water Swims!

Again, let me know your favorite places in this world to swim! I would love to hear it!  And I’d will see you next time in the open water!

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