What It’s Really About!

Posted on March 28, 2011


Swimming is the hardest sport with the least amount of notoriety…along with gymnastics, that is. (I have to say that, or my wife would kill me!)

This past weekend at Florida Swimming vs Florida Gold Coast All Star Meet reminded me of this one thing:  Swimming is extremely tough, and there are only a handful of kids tough enough to have the mindset to do it week in and week out.

The All Star weekend is meant to do one thing.  Give them what these athletes deserve:  Notoriety, prestige, a place where the big kids play, friendship and team!

I feel real bad for the swimmers who miss this type of meet. The friendships the swimmers developed this weekend are the start of  lifelong relationships, which can grow to be the best throughout their swimming career and possibly beyond.

Who cares if they were on Spring break the week before and didn’t get in the water?  It doesn’t matter, so what! Who cares if they didn’t swim their best times!  (They’re training, not tapering!)   This meet isn’t for best times; it’s for fun and bragging rights.

Even still, some times were pretty good.  But, it’s all about good times and enjoying the sport that they put so much time into.  It is part of the payoff!   Trying to swim fast when tired also teaches the young athletes about competing.  These athletes had to dig deep, especially when the duel between the Florida Swimming and Florida Gold Coast was so close early on.

So when it is a time to train, train your tail off, bust you gut and never look back.  When it is time to enjoy your year-long efforts, darn it, enjoy, and enjoy large!  Hats off athletes, see you next time.

Now get back to work!