Going LIVE and the Reasons For It

Posted on March 27, 2011


I will talk about the All Star meet in another blog post shortly, but I first wanted to talk about something that really touched my wife and me.

I had a great time this past weekend at the Florida Swimming vs Florida Gold Coast Swim Meet.  Physically, I was on deck coaching the 11-12 Boys Team, while technically, my wife and I rolled out our newest hobby, streaming live on Florida Swim Network, and boy was it both fun and rewarding.  After many, many comments and thousands of people tuning into the live broadcast–Yes, thousands…I know! Exciting!–we were touched by the many people who at the end of the meet thanked us for showing the meet over the internet. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, parents who couldn’t attend because of work, etc., were able to watch their favorite swimmer compete.  This was great!  But, especially touching was the story of Eric Ordaz, a swimmer who made a point to find us in the parking lot as we were leaving. He thanked us for broadcasting, and then his father also followed up telling us this:

“Thank you very much for doing the broadcast. Eric’s grandparents where tuning in from Panama and they have never seen Eric swim.  They were so excited, they were crying when he was swimming and they were so proud.”

Wow, Panama?  To me, that made it all worth it.  If we can can touch families and showcase swimmers to their friends and family, then it really justifies this experience and spreads the joy of swimming.  My wife, who goes by @centralFLTop5 on Twitter, was the commentator and did an outstanding job.  By the way, she knows nothing about swimming…haha, but that made it even better!  If you want to read the comments go to http://FloridaSwimNetwork.com and look under the All Star post.  Cool stuff! (And special thanks to our interns, Quinn Poti and Shannon Kennedy, two senior swimmers who were drafted!)

So keep tuning in to Florida Swim Network and we will continue to elevate our LIVE streaming capabilities and telecasts.  If you have ideas, let us know on the site, and perhaps even more importantly, if you have videos you want to see on the site (maybe of you putting in a monster swim!), send us the link and we’ll put it up. We love showing off swimmers in the state of Florida!

See you at the next one.

Quinn Poti, Shannon Kennedy, and Bess Auer

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