Florida Age-Group Championships (FLAGs) Recap

Posted on February 21, 2011


Oftentimes in this incredible sport, the athletes that get up early, train harder than anyone, never get the respect they really deserve!

This weekend was an awesome spectacle that anyone could enjoy.  The speed was blazing…many records were set, including National Swimming Records, that have never been achieved before….anywhere! Wow!

Starting with 10 & Under 500 freestyle winners, Christin Rockway & Lucas Kravchenko the meet got under way with great wins for TBAY and FSLA. After 11 & 12 Kendall Brent from Swim Florida won her 1000 free, up came CAT swimmer Matt Hirscherger. And what happened? He blew away Nicolas Caldwell’s National Record with a 9:38.50!  Pretty quick for a 12 year old!  Other great swims in distance events were achieved by Summer and Ariel Finke and Alex Katz.

Some of the other super swims of the weekend were by breaststrokers, Sydney Pickrem, Andrew Wojcik, Ingrid Wall and John Fulginiti.  All very quick swims and awesome times.  The premier sprint freestyler Caeleb Dressel, with his straight arm recovery, won his 50 in record fashion, breaking an old mark, as well as Zachary Poti, impressing the audience with a 26.58 in the 50 fly!  The 11 & 12 Boys relays were dominated by Blue Dolfins, who almost broke their 31 year old ancestors relay from 1980, missing the old National mark of 1:41.79 by .02 seconds.

Speaking of Matt Hirschberger, he also broke the 11 year old 100 Freestyle record (50.33) by former Blue Dolfin standout, Alex Forbes (50.91), which I thought would last for quite a while longer.  Other awesome swims were by Savannah Bowser, Michelle Turek, Wesley Olmstead, Tristan Sanders, Jeremy Rockaway and Sherridon Dressel (yes, it runs in the family).

For the entire results of the Spring 2011 FLAGs Championships, click here.

The Top 4 teams were, Sarasota (SYS), Tampa Bay Area (TBAY), Jacksonville (Bolles), and Oviedo & Winter Park’s (Blue Dolfins).  For more awards and team scores, click here.


SwimmerJoe with some of his Boys 11-12 team, John Fulginiti, Mickey Kennedy, and Zach Poti. Missing swimmers, Reilly Maguire and Cody Leonard.

Check out next week’s results of the SENIOR Champs Meet with Ryan Lochte and Peter Vanderkaay.

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