99 Thoughts

Posted on February 13, 2011


A quick look at the number of posts on this blog and it said 99.  I can’t believe I’ve posted 99 times since fall of 2009.  Time flies and it’s all extremely fun!  It also opens you up into a part of the way my mind works…  

What I have decided to do for my 100th post  is give you my personal Top 10 posts.  Maybe you guys can give me yours?  Thanks for reading guys!

My personal Top 10:

#10 – Do You Know Thumper “Uncle” Hare?

#9 – Pain, Can You Handle It?

#8 – “I Cannot Go to Swimming Today…”

#7 – The Pickle Jar

#6 – Power Of The Get Out Swim

#5 – Weakness Needs a Roommate

Tie #4 – Have You Ever Heard of The 2-Man 400-Free Relay?  Tricked you, gave you 11.

Tie #4 – “Lane 5, Step Down!”

#3 – Coaching In The 21st Century

#2 – It’s Time to Set Your Goals – A 3-Step Process

#1 – “If, and That’s a Big If”

I tried to emcompass some of the different types of writings in my blog.  There are many that I loved to write that I thought should also be in there, but oh well, maybe the next 100.  Thanks for reading.  Maybe you guys can list some of yours?

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