Interesting Meet Format

Posted on January 29, 2011


Interesting swim meet format today.  Trinity Aquatics, a swim team in Winter Park, Florida, hosted a prelim / final, two-day meet (tomorrow also), where the swimmers went meters in the morning and then switched to yards at finals tonight. And, the meet consisted of 4 finals, a D final (8 swimmers), C final (6 swimmers), B final (4 swimmers), and an A final (2 swimmers going head to head, “Ultra Final”).  It wasn’t bad.  What it really did was get the faster kids to swim harder in the morning to get into the “head to head” or the B final of the next 4 top swimmers.

I really didn’t get to talk to many people, but the coaches seemed to get into it a little and the kids would gather at the end of the lanes and cheer for the head to head swimmers. I at least applaud the host swim team for trying to do something a little different.

Make Swimming More Interesting

There is something to be said about making swim meets more interesting.  It gives everybody a little change up and I think teams as well as state swim associations should experiment with different formats.  There will be one that makes it very exciting…we just may not know the best yet.  (Although, if we had more teams at the meet this weekend, it could have happened right there in Winter Park…  Who knows?)

Good Question: If you guys have any ideas for meet formats, let me know.  I would enjoy hearing about it.

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