Pain, Can You Handle It?

Posted on January 23, 2011


WARNING!  The word “pain” in this instance is not talking about pain in terms of an injury or something that is going wrong with your body that is preventing you from being the best that you can be. It is talking about getting through difficult training and hard work to become the best you and your body can be!

Pain, can you handle it?

Pain is working at practice as hard as you can
Pain is feeling the burn…often!
Pain is living in the zone where others hate to go
Pain is working harder than your friends and enjoying it
Pain is holding your breath from the flags in
Pain is doing 10 extra starts after practice
Pain is kicking so hard in practice that it hurts in your toes
Pain is getting up in the early mornings
Pain is doing dryland harder than anyone else
Pain is being competitive at everything
Pain is lifting more, jumping more, and drilling more than anyone
Pain is what I need to break through to become great
Pain is what my competitors are going through to beat me
Pain is what my coach feels when I cheat or loaf
Pain is the rush of a lifetime, if you let it in
Pain is the sweat and tears

Pain, can you handle it?

Live for the rush
Live for the challenge
Live for the race
Live for competition
Live for mornings
Live for Drylands
Live for your sweat and tears
Live for the burn
Live for and in the zone that no one likes to go
Live for the adrenaline
Live for the extra work after practice
Live for speed
Live in fear that they are chasing you down
Live for the dolphin kickout
Live for the best your body can handle

I mean, can you really handle it? Nothing is easy if it is worth having. How many times have you heard that? Put your body to the test, put your mind to the test, put your attitude to the test, live your own dream.  Do NOT waste any opportunities!

Every athlete who competes at the national level in any sport got there by getting through the pain and living for the entire process. Give it a try, you will surprise yourself.