Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy

Posted on January 21, 2011


When I grew up swimming for the legendary swim coach Harry Meisel, he always used to say to me, “Here comes Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy, he neither walks nor talks but crawls on his belly like a reptile.”

Hmmm.  I always wondered if he meant it as a compliment, and so I finally looked it up. OMG!

Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy

Really?  I mean, do you see that picture?  Come on coach!  Just so you know, Jo-Jo is a real boy…Here is Jo-Jo’s story on wiki. Interesting person actually.

I know he probably called all his “Joe’s” this, but it was my term of endearment…..I guess. Coaches always seem to have trick names for their athletes, which in return gives those athletes a feeling of belonging. I don’t think it is done on purpose or even planned, it just happens at practice or meets or whatever.  I bet if you ask your son or daugther and they have been swimming a while, I bet they have one their coach has given them. Or if you grew up in swimming or a year around sport, you may have had one.

We at the Blue Dolfins in Orlando, FL, have names like “the Blaze,” “Buick,” Hollywood,” “Zeus,” “Rock,” “Stitch,” “Cuda,” “Quinnith (I have no idea),” “Hercules,” and many others.  So if a coach calls your kid a name, other than their given name, don’t worry, he or she still knows their real name.  (I think, I hope….I am just kidding!)

Anyway, back to this Jo-Jo person.  Still bothered.  He is a little hairy.  (Although I could use some of that on my ever looming sunroof on the top of my dome. I’m not sure I was really very hairy growing up.)  Oh well, I know Harry probably knew PT Barnum, maybe he heard the name from him!

See ya Blogoseagulls.  Like that one?  A dinner reference from tonight….oh forget it.

Thanks Harry. Still miss you.