Teaching Tactician vs. Evil Dictator

Posted on January 19, 2011


We had an outstanding practice today!  I was in Teaching Tactician mode, which was a nice change. (You see, every now and then I tend to get away from the Teaching Tactician and get more into the Evil Dictator Smashtician….with no bull, no ideas, no excuses.)

I think we coaches need a 60-40% mixture of the two, but which one is more is up to you!   But I think my formula, at the age group I am coaching these days, is 50-60%ish teaching and 40-50%ish evil crusty old man from the planet Toughdealwithit in the Youcan’thandleitwimp galaxy!

Tonight I found that by helping kids see other more experienced swimmers do the pushoffs and kickouts correctly–being the Teaching Tactician–I was a big hit with the very young ones.  Boy, what a great tool this was for the kids!  (I must have had a bunch of visual learners picked out tonight to go watch the more experienced ones!)

It was somewhat satisfying getting things corrected and quickly moving on, especially when you have 4 different groups going on at the same time, with 60 kids in the lanes.  The practice seemed to flow without a hitch….yeah!  AND the younger ones are going longer than normal, which means they are getting in better shape.  I think I am going to keep it that way for a while.

BUT—Evil Dictator Smashtician is lurking in the large echo chamber above my neck. My fuse is shorter than a skinny tick on a rabid dog when it comes to coaching kids that show NO effort… Okay, I mentioned it… so?  I don’t mind little talent, little athletic ability, little feel for the water… but I do mind not working! Yeah, someone probably needs to send me an Evil Dictator Smashtician picture (drawing).

Side note: I swam with the kids today; they killed me.

So, my great fellow coaches and young awesome athletes, you and your coaches can be both the Teaching Tactician and Evil Dictator Smashtician. Just realize that you more than likely need both for best development as a coach and as an athlete.  You need the mixture, plain and simple.  So coaches, try both, swimmers learn to relish and respect both from you coaches.

“Bye.,” says the Teaching Tactician.

“Next time come ready to show me how great you want to be!” And that was the Evil Dictator Smashtician.