Your Weekly Video Segment

Posted on January 17, 2011


I saw a video “round up” like this on  (my wife’s site) and thought it would be a great thing to do for swimming.  SwimmerJoe’s videos will be a weekly list of videos, that are current and can teach you something about swimming, whether you are a competitive or recreational swimmer, triathlete, or even runner that needs some swimming for rehabilitation, etc. 

I will list 5 or so videos that have been uploaded on the internet within the past week.  I may even put some of mine from our swim team on there if they can help you all!  What this will utlimately do is save you endless minutes or hours looking for videos on swimming or the previously mentioned areas.  

So check it out once a week, I will try and keep it on the same day so you can count on it.  So here we go with our first set.  If you like this idea, let me know, if not, let me know.  Have a great week and keep training hard and extremely focused on your goals!