The Dolfin Brick – A Heavy Work Out

Posted on January 8, 2011


It was a great morning for the young swimming athletes (and some older ones) to have a great, intense Saturday morning practice. The Blue Dolfins, who practice in Oviedo, FL, just outside Orlando, did what they call in the triathlon world, a “brick,” which is training in two of the disciplines back to back.

Even the parents got involved, with quite a few running. Check out these moms!

We started with a 5.4 mile run on the Sanford-Oviedo rail bed turned bike path, which is beautifully wooded and well attended with bikers as well as runners, throughout the day. Most of the kids hate this part of it, because of the crazy hour and what they are actually doing, but they know they need it and have witnessed the end result before during their taper.

After the run, where the kids trickle in at various times, they try to recover and get ready for what lies ahead. A grueling 2-hour swim practice that is tough enough by itself. Most of the athletes get any where from 15 minutes transition (good runners), to just 5 minutes to get a quick snack and get ready for this workout.

As you will see on this quick video, these athletes are dog-tired from running. It takes a great coach (haha) that can now motivate them to get in the water and train!

By the way, the Dolfin swimmers who are fast runners (which we have many), would make many, many track coaches salivate at the fitness and speed of these swimmers (as well as other sports). I have always said, swimmers at the elite level and some major age-group teams are definitely the best trained and most fit athletes in the world—based on same age, athlete vs athlete, etc.

Our practice, which started at 7:30, was as follows:

400 IM reverse drill
9 x 50 :50 descend 1-3, 4-6, 7-9
6 x 25 :30 kicking on side

Main Set (continuous)

4 x 100     1:30 IM
100           1:50 Dolphin KICK on back
4 x 100     1:15 Freestyle
2 x 50       :50 Fly from a dive
8 x 25       :45 1 breath freesytle – – 8 nose pushups after each one (Nose push ups are touching nose to hand, alternating each one)
(Repeat x 2)
4 x 25         :30 No breath, easy

8 x 25          :45 ALL OUT Free from a DIVE, number 4 and 8 easy


8 x 25          :30 Shooter, odds on belly, no breath, evens on back, no breath
4 x 50          1:15 37 ½ under water, 12 ½ sprint, All NO breath
6 x 50          :55 25 fly with a freestyle kick, 25 breast with a dolphin kick

Swim easy—-I let them off easy. Skipped the 1500 pull set!

Below is the workout LIVE video starting with the 6 x 25 kicking on their side. Enjoy some or all of it.