If Swim Coaches Were Politicians…

Posted on November 3, 2010


So, are you disgusted by all the crooked liars and cheats, all the infighting, the non-working together politicians? Why not put some swim coaches in office!

If swim coaches were politicians, we would get it done right!

First of all, coaches don’t take any bull from anyone, they speak their mind (even if wrong), and you know exactly where you stand with them.

They are good communicators (most of the time)
They can explain how to do complicated sets of instructions (Even to 10 & Unders)
They are very funny….no seriously, they are!
They know how to get large groups of people motivated not only to work for them but more importantly, to work for themselves
They know how to get people to work together
They don’t need Teleprompters
They don’t need people to speak for them
They know the value of hard work and how to get a job done
They don’t tell swimmers they that are going to do one thing and then do another

And swim coaches can tackle the big issues!

Healthcare: Swim Coaches will get everyone in shape and bring our health problems down, therefore saving on healthcare

Special Interest: They aren’t swayed by lobbyists (although we may like that one)

Welfare: Swim coaches believe that people must learn the value of hard work to equal a pay off

Cutbacks: Swim coaches get rid of old, outdated equipment, and do away with programs that don’t work. They believe in efficiency!

Elitists: While swim coaches are working to develop elite swimmers, they are not elitists themselves.

Taxes: Swim coaches understand if the population cannot afford the monthly fee, there is no swim team.

Foreign affairs: All international swim coaches respect each other and value healthy competition.

Trade: Swim coaches know how to trade advice, gain insight, and import and export training ideas.

So, if you want a real change, on the ballot, you should have written in your favorite swim coach’s name!