FL High School Swimming: How Do You Compare?

Posted on November 1, 2010


This past week the High School Districts Competition got underway in Florida with some very fast swims!  Some athletes were shaved, whereas others took their chances unshaved and continued to train through Districts in hopes of placing in the Top 8 and progressing on to Regionals, starting this Thursday.  If swimmers place well in Regionals, they will move on to the State Competition.

Back when I was swimming high school season, there was only Districts and State, so it was a fairly easy to work the shave and taper progression.  Now, however, wow!  It takes the coaches and swimmers some serious planning to achieve maximum success.  If you miscaluclate, in can mean the difference between advancing or not. 

So swimmers, how do you compare to these District results below?  Coaches, how do your kids compare?  Florida is always one of the fastest swimming state competitions and it is always a good measure of what speed really is.  Fortunately for some other states who hold their state meet in the Spring…6 months more training….lucky! 

So check below and continue to check back though the Florida State Meet to see how you or your team compares.  Click the District you want, then go to the pull down menu and select your area. (It may say “No results yet,” but they are there).   Click here and start your comparing.

Here is the Florida High School Athletic Association Page

Girls State Records

Boys State Records

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