Florida Swimming Junior Olympics, Day 1

Posted on July 16, 2010


Strictly age group swimming news here…Well, the first day of the Florida Junior Olympics was a decent one with many Blue Dolfin athletes doing their best times.

Along with the competition in the pool, there is a tough competition for team spirit so far with ATAC, PYP, Gator Swim Club, WFLA and SYS. No clear cut leader yet, but many are pushing very hard on the first day.

As for the pool, the officials seem to be having some trouble with the “new” rules on turns and the above water finish. Disqualifications happened, some on the team I coach with…geez! But I know (think) the officials have the kids’ best interest…or at least they claim to be giving swimmers “the benefit of the doubt” but many coaches are wondering if that’s really so. Who knows? Maybe the officials will settle down and at least get the consistency the game.

The relays start tomorrow. Should be exciting! And it was great seeing the swimmers and coaches I had from this spring’s All Star team….great kids! More tomorrow…oh, and I may start flirting with a live video show once a week….looks interesting and fun! See you tomorrow.

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