Coaching in the Jungle

Posted on May 30, 2010


In a season where athletes can be mentally exhausted from monotonous schoolwork and the daily grind of the everyday routine—study, eat, sleep, swim, parents nagging, etc.—it is time to change up the work outs to keep athletes energized. If you can combine thoughts of having fun with swimming and enjoying the sport, then practice becomes a welcome break, rather than part of the problem of monotony.

Our team, the Blue Dolfins, joined forces with the Gainesville Makos Aquatic Club  and we took the entire group to Kelly Park at Rock Springs State Park in Apopka. Our goal? Have fun and work hard! Cold river…swimming upstream…fish, turtles, alligators, snakes and the like… The kids had a blast and they left with a huge smile!

What a great way to start the Memorial Day weekend and enjoy swimming. So, coaches, change it up a little and have a little fun…it was challenging as well!

And for those athletes in the corporate world, a change up that takes advantage of the nice weather and natural outdoors can do wonders for your attitude as well! Many state parks have “free admission” days and are often accessible with just a short drive or bike ride. State Parks of Florida are active on Twitter, so this is another way to identify good places to try. You can follow Swimmer Joe on Twitter, too.

Check out the video:

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