Randy Reese

Posted on February 23, 2010


Ok, just a quick note about a coach I swam for in college named Randy Reese. He’s where I get many of my ideas for different things in and out of the water.  Reese has been an innovator for years in swimming, and he is a great mental developer of athletes. 

The philosophy of Reese’s coaching basically boils down to this: Imagine getting on the blocks knowing you have gone through the toughest, roughest, body-blowing, mind-altering workouts there are…and so no matter what awaits you in the competition pool, you are confident you can handle it. 

Don’t believe me?  Well, keep reading…

The following video is from one of Reese’s swimmers that went into the NAVY SEALS and thought it was “easy and fun” after going through Reese’s training regime. Click here to view the video.

Yep! Swimming makes most other things in life seem pretty easy.

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