Oxygen Deprivation? (Or just running at the mouth…)

Posted on February 11, 2010


Don’t you hate it when you give you heart and soul to something and then the floor drops out from beneath you? It’s starting to get old for me. Things are not what they used to be and I am not just saying that, it really is that way….It’s sad to see. Time is so short and you won’t know it until it is over. What am I talking about? Psyche! That crazy ride at Disney, the Tower of Terrors… what else?!

Twitter Tidbits
Did you know that Shannon’s dad is @TheMikeKennedy on twitter? Bet you didn’t! He has some great insight on things. Also, staying with the Kennedy’s, Shannon has a million nick-names: Ish, Ish a Roni, Shanone, on and on, I mean really!….. I have been reading Dara Torres twitter messages, does she swim for goodness sake? She travels twice a week and do really need to know about her daughter going to the bathroom and getting a side bow for school? With pictures?

Onward to JO’s
Reilly Maguire is our lone 10 & Under boy for Junior Olympics this year. Man, we need some young male athletes! Anybody know any? Bring them to practice!…..Junior Olympics are coming up and most of the kids seem ready, I mean ready to taper that is! We should have a great taper, the athletes have been training very hard. Just to watch out for the junk food as we ease into the meet, we need to stay fueled up the proper way. Rest well guys, every practice is a must as we go one hard day one moderate day until the meet. They all mean something…… You know if our 13-14 boys swim out of their minds next week in the 200 Breast we could place 1, 2 , 3…..I know, crazy!……….Does anybody have any good ideas for travel meets this summer?….Let us know!

Out of the Pool News
By the way, a female, yes a female, is in the Nationwide NASCAR race this weekend on Saturday. Danica Patrick will race for Dale Earnhardt Jr. this week in a Chevrolet. I hope she wins…..Why do roosters hang out in downtown Oviedo? We should try to catch one day for practice, and film it! Hilarious!…..Does anybody really get American Idol? There are only 5 good singers; can’t we just get to those and move on to the Dancing with the Stars business? Oh yea, that is silly too!…..Man, Mr. Galloway can make a mean cheesecake, it was a cheesecake dinner tonight…….Is anybody working on their Valentine’s Day plans? @CentralFLTop5 or http://CentralFloridaTop5.com has great ideas…especially for us guys. Boy do we need it. My wife just tonight said, “I don’t want hand lotion again!” 😦  That was a rabbit punch if I ever heard one…… As I close my thoughts for tonight, I think the Flying Tomato is going to smoke ‘em at the Olympics next week….

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