Yep, The World Is Calling On You!

Posted on January 25, 2010


Hey old timers: Remember when you were in a sport years ago–or even on a swim team–and there was an older athlete getting your butt in gear?  They were the veterans who taught all the newbies how they were supposed to act, what they were supposed to do, and, especially the mental attitude they were to bring to practice. These leaders set the example, and showed the rest of us how to do it right.

Mine were the boys from Winter Park High School Swimming that taught me about tradition and not doing anything lightly.  “We have been undefeated for years,” they would say! “Figure it out! Get your butt in gear and quit screwing around!”  

Sometimes it feels like such leadership is lost today.  Is it because the kids don’t care as much? Is it because of less person-to-person interaction and more playing X-box? I have no idea…  I know our sport (swimming) is an individual sport, but you still need the individual athletes that crack the whip and get the rest of the team going when things are slacking.  I know if I screwed around in age-group and senior practice or didn’t work hard during a set or dryland workout-I would hear about it….forcefully!  At UF, same way!  These leaders would also set the tone by working their tail off and showing everyone how it is done!

Young athletes:  Start being yourself and believe that everyone is looking at you for direction!  Don’t be a follower of the crowds, instead set the example and attitude all yourself!  Don’t follow someone else’s dream (or lack of one) but tend to your own!  

Those who chose to set the example and become leaders:

Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft)

Michael Phelps

Thomas Edison

Ryan Lochte

Dara Torres (for sure)

Every American President

Katie Hoff

Henry Ford (founder of Ford Motor Company)

Rebecca Soni

Nikola Tesla (Who? Uh let’s see…the founder of the world wide web—not even knowing it—100 years ago! Google him…)

Basically any great you’ve ever read about… So, choose to set the example and become the leader!

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