Walking the dog (and remembering Hurricane Charley). Things I’m Thankful For.

Posted on December 19, 2009


DECEMBER 19, 2009…11:46 AM

This story is from my wife Bess… thought it was good to share. She reveals a very interesting use of a swimming pool!

So, I was walking my Big Dog late last night. [Correction: He was walking me–100+ pounds of Weimaraner galloping through our streets. There’s a reason we walk after nine at night…very few people left out to be terrified of a humongous grey ghost.] And, just as any cool night gives him an extra pep to his parading, the added wind sent his big ears flapping and set his tail to wagging even harder. It was pure bliss on the streets last night!

Now, you must know something…Big Dog is ten years old, which is “over the hill” in big dog years, and so he mostly just lies on his bed from morn until night. Somehow, though, that internal alarm goes off about nine each night. When that happens, he will come and sit staring at me with his big blue eyes (yes, some Weimaraner have blue eyes) and I hear the ever-present “tch-tch-tch-tch” of his tail wagging against the floor. This will progress to whimpering, and finally a gigantic paw on my lap if I don’t quickly proceed to the door to walk him.

So, I bundled a sweatshirt over my pajamas and ventured out alone because my husband and son weren’t budging. [Correction: They were actually involved in an online battle of Call of Duty 2 and totally ignoring everything non-virtual in the household, including me.] So, it was just my Big Dog and me. [Note: There is a Little Dog, a Yorkie, who slips through our fence daily to walk himself around the neighborhood. Joggers’ Achilles beware!]

We were only partway down the street when through the trees I could see the southern skyline, beautifully dark with these graceful white clouds silently sailing past. Funny how rain clouds look white at night. At any rate, these clouds weren’t just sailing past, they were flat-out motoring! [Note: At this point in our walk, Big Dog is hunched over to take a dump, so I am trying desperately to blend into the shadows because I’ve forgotten a “doggie bag.” Meanwhile, our Big Cat, a humongous Main Coon who is part bloodhound and leans more towards his dog heritage than cat, meows loudly from behind. He has decided to go on our walk with us. “Shhhh,” I hushed him, but Big Cat decided he was coming.]

Big Dog is finally off and galloping down the street, and so I avoid tripping over Big Cat and manage to return my attention to the clouds overhead. I find myself reminded of the clouds swirling the night Hurricane Charley made his riotous stomp across in Central Florida.

The rest is continued on her blog…..http://centralfloridatop5.wordpress.com

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