Swim in the Mirror? What?

Posted on November 4, 2009


Next time you are standing in the bathroom, try this: swimming in the mirror. No, I am not talking about saying “Bloody Mary” three times, but rather analyzing your stroke where you can actually see what your arms are doing.

 So, go to your bathroom mirror….Do a slow freestyle stroke…..I’ll wait here.      

Ok, what did you see?  Some of my best technical adjustments were made in my own bathroom mirror.  What?  With no water?  How?  I would take what the coach told me in practice, do it correctly, and then perfect it in my mirror. Over and over again, I would practice it until my arms got sore.  I would also mimic the studs of my era.  

 What an awesome way to practice without even getting wet!  (Sometimes that’s nice, especially in winter months!)   

 Try every stroke and “see” what it feels like to do the stroke properly and perfectly, and then try it in the pool the next time you are at practice.  Most times you have to slow down in the pool to get the stroke just like you did it in the mirror. 

 You can also work on some turn techniques that you really wouldn’t spend time on in practice. Try transition turns between fly to backstroke and see how it goes. Remember to couple this with your visualization practice…imagine yourself in the pool and pretend you are actually doing it. Remember, practice makes permanent!

 You need every advantage to race the clock and your competitors….Remember to stop at nothing to gain the little edge that will make you the best you can be!


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