Why Do I Wait?

Posted on September 10, 2009


Why do I wait?
Why can’t I train harder?
Why don’t I like pain or breathing hard?
Uncomfortable- what?

I think I am already the best I can be so why does my coach expect even more from me?
…Ouch my body hurts, or at least I think it does.

Am I really sore or do I just think I am?
My shoulder hurts—does it really? Is there something wrong with it or is it just in my mind?
Why is this training so uncomfortable?

Why does the coach think I can be the better than I am already?
Why can’t I just follow my friends in the same lane, doing the same thing over and over?
Do I really need to step it up?

Focused intense aggression

I wait for no one!
I train harder than anyone I know!
I love the feel of a good burn, massive acidosis, and breathing extremely hard—it’s my fuel.
Uncomfortable?….I LIVE THERE!

My coach knows my athletic skill and attitudes better than anyone—what he says goes!
My body hurts badly, but man that feels good!

I am so sore—bet my competitors aren’t this sore! That means they are in trouble.
Sore shoulders? Yeah, so?  I use them 3000 times in practice!

Life and athletics are shorter than you think, follow no one, become your own engine and drive to your own dreams.

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