IF…and That’s a Big If

Posted on August 13, 2009


If I swim every day

If I concentrate every day on getting better

If I put all distractions away before practice

If I listen to all the coaches

If I go as hard as I can

If I push my body to its ability

If I want to get better

If I set goals for myself

If I become a racer

If I become a leader in practice

If I think I can be the best

If I try and learn all I can

If I pay attention to detail

If time stands still

If you walk around like you are the best…or will be one day

If you only know how much time you really have

If you were at practice last Saturday

If you only went that extra effort in practice…every day

If you really pay attention to what the coaches are saying

If you realize that the coaches really want to make you the best you can be

If you give it absolutely everything you have

If you take yourself to the edge of the most awesome pain

If you streamline—become a missile

If you know you’ll leave the sport giving it everything you had

If you can compete for anything

If you get that adrenaline rush when the coach calls your name

One day, one brick, one stroke, one sore day at a time… It will happen.

The road to your greatness has many, many distractions.

Don’t let anyone take away your path…..It may fade away.